be yourself

I would like to dedicate my haiku to my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and all the holy men and women I have met in my life who bring so much clarity to my life.

Please enjoy my Haiku below and remember – it’s a very personal and cathartic expression. I have explained in a small note after the haiku ends – for those who are interested.

be yourself

The wind blows
beyond will
The River flows
remaining still.


Read the inspiration, and what I think the haiku means

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Hemis lessons

The Hemis Monastery

Large flat stone slabs
Lead the way up
In the thin air
The mind is fuzzy

A small entrance opens into
A beautiful courtyard with embellished walls
Say less do more
Seems to be the lesson here

Many monks in traditional garb
Shuffling their time away
They are neither rushed nor lazy
Just dancing to the beat of their hearts

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Calling Confucius…

The Confucius temple in Nanjing
Is located in the heart of the city center
Where good, bad and the indescribable happen
It’s not important where you are but ‘who’ you are

So what is a Confucius temple?
A meditation area, a drama school, a history room and of course
The large suspended bell in the courtyard
So that you can ‘call’ Confucius the ancient way!

The bell is fascinating – larger than life – royal – ‘waiting’
For your energy to be released .. in it
By sounding it as hard as u can with the large beam in front
Slammed as hard as you want over and over and over and over again….

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Bangla Sahib

A shimmering palace standing strong
A valiant fortress
White is all I see
To cleanse my mind temporarily

A tall bearded man with a savage sword
Greets me in the courtyard
I fear not – he looks kind – even smiles
The weapons of the heart are the scary ones

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Jing’an Temple

I went to Jing’an finally this Sunday
Twice before I had met closed doors
But you know how doors open up
If you knock on them hard enough

A world within a world
Small courtyard with its pyre and burning incense
If you want a quick religious fix
This is the place to be

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